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Power Sharing.

A few weeks back I attended “Tools for Creating Success in Life, Business and in any Environment,” presented with passion, by CEO/Owner Mark Stark of Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Arizona, Nevada and southern California. Mark’s presentation re-energized me and resonated with me on many levels. I shared it with my daughter, a fantastic second grade teacher at a Title One school.

When I went over the highlights of Mark’s talk, my daughter seemed especially interested in one of the major talking points “How you think shapes every decision you make.”
“You know Mom, this makes sense and I need a bit more direction in my life, however I’m a visual learner. I’m not good with writing down my goals, and intentions. “With that SHE decided that we would do joint dream boards.

My daughter is hooked on Pintrest, so she looked up dream boards and the instructions stated: “start pulling images out of magazines regardless if it’s what you THINK your life should look like. If it resonates with you, pull the pictures out. Don’t over think it.”

Busy at our cozy cabin, pulling pictures out magazines she shrieked, “oh my GOD mom, look at all of this travel stuff. I guess I going to be teaching abroad!” (This is something she’s given thought too, however teaching abroad is a long way from home and her comfort zone).

The other day, over breakfast she said, “you know, by next spring, I’ll know what country where I’ll be teaching!” She was excited, full of determination and knew without a shadow of doubt that she was creating the life she was meant for.

I love this story, because often we leave a self-improvement presentation and use what we learn, but after a month or so we go back to our old ways. In this case I have accountability to share with my daughter the results of thinking and shaping my every decision.

Many of the results of those conscious thoughts shape my real estate business and help me help my clients to envision and achieve the purchase of their ideal home, or the top-dollar sale of their existing home. I know it’s a cliché, but the power of positive thinking actually works.

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